Malaer Nurse Legal Consulting
Malaer Nurse Legal Consulting


"Robert Malaer's medical reviews and professional reports have been pivotal in the success of my cases. He was more efficient then hiring an MD expert right away and far more cost effective. Robert's report was instrumental in fighting back the defense arguments in mediation by proving causation resulting in immediate settlement. I would highly recommend Robert and Malaer Legal Nurse Consulting for any attorney seeking a comprehensive and professional review of medically related cases."

Christopher Cauble, Attorney
Cauble, Cauble, Selvig, LLP
Grants Pass, Oregon

"I'm a criminal defense attorney who has worked with multiple legal nurses over the years. I recently hired Robert Malaer to help me on a DUII case with a complicated medical defense. Robert's experience in nursing as well as his comfort in conveying his knowledge were major reasons for my client's victory in a jury trial. Robert was professional in all regards. He quickly brought me up to speed about our defense, he prepared the materials that became the backbone of the medical portion of our case, and he was always willing to answer questions. When he got a curveball in the case, he stepped up to the plate and dealt with it in an organized manner. I'd highly recommend Malaer Legal Nurse Consulting for anyone looking for the help of a legal nurse."

Neal Weingart
Attorney at Law

"Robert Malaer of Malaer Legal Nurse Consulting has been a great asset in not only achieving substantial settlements, but also saving our firm time in evaluating cases for medical proof of the claims. His vast experience and education provides him the ability to thoroughly screen, assimilate and evaluate the medical documentation. His reports are inclusive of all trial-ready medical records, making mediations, depositions, and trials much easier. Frankly, Robert Maler's approach is head and shoulders above all others we have used, particularly where the medical records returned to us in a turn-key binder, with the key records individually identified, and pertinent passages clearly marked. I would strongly recommend Malaer Legal Nurse Consulting for any case where medical analysis is warranted. He has proven extremely valuable in every case we have used him on."

Tim Williams
Dwyer Williams Dretke Attorneys LLP
Bend, Eugene, Medford, Grants Pass, Roseburg, and Portland, Oregon

"Robert Malaer's work has been invaluable in medical negligence and general liability cases involving complicated damage issues, and his medical knowledge and experience have facilitated my acceptance or rejection of cases. Robert's probing medical research and detailed analysis of medical records and causation defines salient points in each case. His assistance in preparing for written and oral discovery against defendant medical providers is superb. Most important is his competence in helping me understand the medical nuances of each case.

"In addition, Robert has developed Life Care Plans and provided key testimony that has proven invaluable against opposing council. He is an excellent expert witness on the stand that never fails to deliver a professional and well presented testimony. Robert always provides his honest opinion on matters which has directly influenced the direction we have taken with cases. He is devoted to his work and the only regret I have is not having used him sooner."

Andrew Teitelman, Attorney
Law Office of Andrew E. Teitelman, P.C.
Portland, Oregon

"Robert Malaer is a proven invaluable consultant to our firm. I am impressed at how quickly he can review a large volume of records and focus in on the key issue that has saved us valuable time and financial resources. You really get the information and documentation needed and not a long rehash of all the medical records relevant or not. His comprehensive reports are professionally written, and he is the only legal nurse consultant who delivers his final report in a consolidated, legal binder with all referenced documented evidence that is ready for trial. Robert Malaer's reports have played an integral role in medical malpractice and personal injury cases for our firm. I highly recommend Robert based on our experience with his work product, and as a bonus, he is a great guy."

Roy Dwyer, Attorney
Dwyer Williams Dretke Attorneys LLP
Bend, Eugene, Medford, Grants Pass, Roseburg, and Portland

"Robert Malaer has been wonderful to work with. We used his services as a consultant and as an expert witness. He is thorough, professional, and patient. Robert has the ability to hone in on key issues and explain them in a way that can be understood and digested by lay persons. Though he is highly credentialed, I found that fees for his services were incredibly reasonable, especially for the value he provides in case comprehension and development. Robert is a great asset in any medically cases, and I recommend him without hesitation."

John C. Hardie
Bharti Hardie PLLC

"I have been working with Legal Nurse Consultants for over twenty years and cannot imagine practicing without them. Legal Nurse Consultants have played critical roles in virtually every type of personal injury case including motor vehicle accidents, product liability and medical malpractice cases. For all personal injury cases, they are able to identify, organize and summarize the medical records, identify and evaluate the injuries, analyze causation issues and assist with the medical portions of discovery responses. For the malpractice cases, they are also able to do research regarding the applicable standard of care."

"In my experience, Robert Malaer of Malaer Legal Nurse Consulting LLC is hands down the most professional, thorough, and impressive Legal Nurse Consultant I have had the privilege to work with. The more complex a case, the more invaluable Robert proves to be. He is quick to comprehend complex legal situations, and his remarkable intellect allows him to problem solve and advise counsel with astounding accuracy. Robert is a pleasure to work with in the pre-trial planning phase with his focused but relaxed approach. His presence and delivery as an expert witness is hands-down the best I have witnessed in my many years of practicing law. Robert not only considers the case from his own professional point-of-view but offers insightful and productive feedback that benefits the collaborative legal team."

"Attorneys considering adding Legal Nurse Consultants to their team would be best served by hiring Robert Malaer and Malaer Legal Nurse Consulting. For those opposing attorneys who have never considered hiring a Legal Nurse Consultant, I personally guarantee Robert Malaer will change your position on this matter. It has been a privilege and pleasure working with Robert, and I personally look forward to the value he adds to my next case."

Foster Glass
Law Office of Foster A. Glass

"Robert completed a terrific deep-dive review in a complex pediatric brain injury case with thousands of pages of electronic medical records. He drew order from chaos and helped us focus on the critical issues of the case. Even better, he engaged in an extended dialogue after his review as we pushed and tested each issue. He expertly refocused the team on the significant medical issues and prevented the all-to-often rabbit hole distractions. I sincerely appreciate his diligent, expert work, and I will utilize his services for all of my medically-related cases."

Sims Weymuller, Attorney
Schroeter Goldmark & Bender
Seattle, WA